World’s Deadliest Special Forces You Don’t Wanna Mess up With


World’s Deadliest Special Forces You Don’t Wanna Mess up With


by Thomas Benmetan
Published June 04, 2017 – 04:15 Jkt

In a world which the sheer size of country’s military is no longer the only guide to its effectiveness, the existence of Special Forces can be counted as the most formidable units a country can boast. They go where other troops fear to tread, scoping out potential threats, taking out strategic targets, and conducting daring rescue missions.

These troops have been through rigorous training exercises designed to weed out those who can’t hit their exacting standards, in order to get the job done These really are the best of the best. According to, we present you the top list of world’s best – yet deadliest Special Forces. You may know this, and try not to mess up with them. Got a war, civil uprising or special mission you need sorted? Call in these deadliest forces and then hope for the best.




1. U.S Navy SEALs

The United States Navy Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) team was created in 1962. Renowned for for their ability to work underwater and deal with special reconnaissance, counter terrorism, hostage rescue and unconventional warfare, the Sea-Air-Land operators go through years of training and, especially post 9/11, endure an incredible operation tempo. Many foreign militaries base their own special ops on the SEALs.

Famous Ops: A team authorized by Barack Obama killed Osama bin Laden in his compound in Pakistan. Three Navy SEALs also killed three Somalian pirates when they held a captain hostage.


2. Alpha Group

Created by the KGB in 1974, Alpha Group was famously known as the elite antiterrorism unit. The official name is Directorate “A” of the FSB Special Purpose Center (TsSN FSB), is an elite, stand-alone sub-unit of Russia’s Special Forces. It is a dedicated counter-terrorism task force of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

Famous Ops : The 2004 Beslan school hostage rescue crisis, where 1200 hostages were held by Chechen separatists ended with 31 dead terrorists. A good result except them also terminated more than 350 civilians.


3. The Kaibiles

Established in 1975, The Guatemala’s fearless counter revolutionary commando forces are expert in jungle warfare and insurgency ops. Their motto is, “If I advance, follow me. If I stop, urge me on. If I retreat, kill me.”

Famous Ops: Eight Kaibiles were killed and five wounded in an ambush in Congo as part of a UN peacekeeping force. The dead soldiers were part of a botched operation to capture the deputy commander of Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army.


4. Sayeret Matkal

This Israeli’s defense forces expert in small arms, martial arts and gathering intelligence from deep down behind enemy lines. During the selection camp (Gibbush), the recruits endure a hardcore training exercises while being constantly monitored by doctors and psychologists, because only the strongest could get into the troops.

Famous ops: Operation Entebbe, a rescue mission to free hostages held on Air France flight 139 at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport in 1976. One Israeli soldier, 45 Ugandan soldiers, six hijackers and three hostages were killed in the operation, which at least managed to free 100 hostages.


5. Kopassus

The name “Kopassus” is the acronym of “Komando Pasukan Khusus (Special Forces Commands)” that was established as Indonesia’s special forces in 1952. They conducts many special operations and missions such as direct action, unconventional warfare, counter – insurgency, counter – terrorism, intelligence gathering and sabotage.

Famous ops: In 1981, an Islamic extremist group hijacked Garuda Flight 206. After the aircraft landed, Kopassus commando executed a fast-paced operation, killing three hijackers and freeing 50 passengers.


6 Special Service Group (SSG)
Known as the “Black Storks” because of the commandos’ unique headgear, the special forces of Pakistan is one of the best in the world. They conduct seriously tooled-up fighting force, carry out unconventional warfare, sabotage, intelligence gathering, close quarter battle and espionage. To be a part of the troop, someone has to finished several training include 36 mile march in 12 hours and 5 mile run in 50 minutes in full-gear.

Famous ops: In 1994, Afghan hijackers commandeered a school bus packed with 74 children and eight teachers. With negotiations leading nowhere, SSG commandos used an explosion as a distraction and then killed the three hijackers.


7. Delta Force

A seriously hyped-up US army special ops force, otherwise known as the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D). Delta Force is one of the U.S. special missions units primarily focused on the counter-terrorism mission.

Famous ops: They played important roles in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, allegedly entering Baghdad in advance to guide air strikes and sabotage Iraqi communication lines.


8. British SAS

The British Special Air Service is the infantry counterpart to the Special Boat Service. Their insignia bears the phrase “Who dares wins.” The SAS eat close target recon and counter-revolutionary warfare for breakfast. They’re at home in mountains, jungles, deserts and urban environments, and are tops at making a fortune writing bestselling books when they retire.

Famous ops: Ended the 1980 hostage crisis at the Iranian embassy in London. The troopers employed stun grenades to disorient the terrorists and killed five out of six and saved 19 hostages.


9. Eko Cobra

Austria’s crack counter-terrorism unit featuring 200 men are apparently highly respected for their climbing abilities and experts at Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions.

Famous ops: In 1996, four Cobras were on board an Aeroflot Tupolev 154 escorting deported prisoners to Lagos. An escaped Nigerian prisoner threatened the aircrew with a knife and demanded to be taken to Germany or South Africa. This is the only unit that have ended a plane hijacking while still actually in the air.


10. Special Air Service Regiment

The Special Forces of Australia’s Army is commonly known as SAS. Broken up into three squadrons, the troops specialize in counter-terrorism, surveillance and reconnaissance and other assault operations.

Famous ops: SAS troopers Mark Donaldson and Ben Roberts-Smith were awarded the Victoria Cross for Australia for their gallant acts performed while serving in Afghanistan.

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    • Gpp nmer lima to kan hasil survei…kopassus,Lebik baik plang nama dri pda gagal dalam tugas…oh y bung@kjm ane jdi inget nie dlu waktu ane masih hobby traveling ad crita menarik dri adik kelas ane,critany gni bung@kjm dlu adek kelas ane to lgi diobyek pemandian thu2 ad keributan,adek ane deketin ternyata yg ribut rombongan yg ngaku2 anggota yg pake seragam preman am rombongan pemuda daerah setempt,trus adek pengin nglerai keributan to tpi mlah salh paham adek kelas ane mlah dituduh salah satu anggota rombongan pemuda setempat,akhirny adek ane dikeroyok ama yg ngaku anggota tersebut tpi adek kelas ane cuma diem g bles ampe rombongan yg ngaku2 anggota tersebut pergi sendri karna tangan dan kakiny memar karna ngeroyok adek kelas ane….waktu ane dicritain ane bodoh2in adek kelas ane to knp g dibles,e mlah dngn santainy adek kelas ane bilang gni bung,buat ap capek2 kluarin tenaga am saudra sndri yg masalhny cma salah paham biarkan mereka mengeroyok toh mereka yg bonyok sendri yg penting saya gpp,,,ane cma bisa hela nafas bung wktu to…maaf bung@kjm ngotorin lapakny gara2 jdi inget cerita dlu….hehehe

      • Eits……hihihihi…..yg ngeroyok puas..pulang boyok sendiri tanganya..hihihih.

        Lethal in Silent

        Silent ut Lethal

        *hayu itu kapan hayu..dududuuud

    • Lha ntu Brtitish SAS ada di nomer 8 bung @chrome…kalo Mossad ntu kan bukan passus bung, doi kan lembaga/dinas intelejen negeri sumber keributan dunia, passus-nya negeri sumber ribut itu ya sayeret matkal nangkring di nomer 4 tuh

  1. kok penilainya berdasar peristiwa ya, yang nomor 1 NAVY SEAL gara2 membunuh Osama Bin Laden 2 Rusia gara2 penyanderaan di sekolah ……

  2. mohon kita jangan terpaku n terpukau ma nomer nomeran n ranking rankingan..
    secara sebenere ketangguhan ato keelitan sebuah pasukan ntu kagak selalu n musti dinilai dari keberhasilan sebuah operasi..tapi keberhasilan operasi ntu emang salah satu cara dalam menilai..
    banyak bukti pasukan khusus yg terlatih pun mengalami kekalahan ato mundur melawan pasukan sipil bersenjata yg kagak terlatih ato punya keterampilan kek tentara ato pasukan khusus..
    bisa nembak ntu gampang, ane jamin kalo ente dilatih tiap hari nembak ngabisin 3-4 magazin selama 2-3 bulan ente udah bisa nembak tepat ato sekagaknya terarah ke sasaran..
    teknologi jg jadi faktor penentu, bahkan kagak bisa dipungkiri keunggulan teknologi ngebuat mentalitas n semangat prajurit bertambah..secara unggul dalam teknologi sangat membantu seorang ato seunit ato sepasukan buat ngematiin lawan..ntu pun jg belon bisa jaminan keberhasilan sebuah operasi..
    pasukan negara negara yg dianggap lemah yg militernya lemah yg alutsistanya lemah yg kagak pernah masuk ranking belon tentu prajuritnya lemah..
    ato milisi milisi pemberontak, mereka kagak ada tenk roket rudal n pesawat tapi mereka dapat nampar balik lawan yg notabene negara maju yg punya berbagai macem jenis kelamin alutsista..ane nilai mereka lah sebener benernya pasukan elite secara kalah dalam persenjataan tapi mampu meladeni pasukan yg komplit alutsistanya n lebih superior militernya..
    soal bangga tentu ane bangga dgn tni apapun keadaannya tanpa syarat..
    bahkan ane bermimpi ato memimpikan indonesia ntu sebenere punya pasukan yg sangat elit tangguh n militan..
    pasukan ntu kagak berambut cepak, pasukan ntu kagak bisa baris berbaris, pasukan ntu kagak begitu disiplin, pasukan ntu kasat mata tapi kagak terlihat, pasukan ntu begitu ramah tapi bisa sangat kejam pada musuh, pasukan ntu kagak ada tapi bisa kagak terhingga..
    lucu yah, tapi yg ane liat selama enih emang getoh cirinya pasukan ntu..

    • Ehm…ehm…ndan kem,klu yg itu jgan dibabar ya,hehehe….selamat hari raya idul fitri,mohon maaf lahir dan bathin…

    • Ehmmm…. Saripati pasukan khusus yg telah mjd bagian karakter dan budaya dalam setiap aktivitas kehidupannya daripada para ksatria nusantara….

      # Mohon maaf lahir dan batin jikalau ada kekhilafan diriku atas dirimu. Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1438H.

  3. Bakulo Wajaro on

    Manusane ra duwe bayangan..lha piye bayangane ae ra keto mass..??? Apalagi wonge..??? Bergerak dgn berhembus cepat hingga musuh pada masuk angin dan melempem skenarionya he he he
    Adios#yo wes meneng ae ben aman…xixixiixixizixixixixi

    • Datang tanpa bayangan..pergi tanpa meninggalkan asap……..

      disyukuri saja, mengkilapnya para sangkur ksatria ini….Semoga Tuan Tuan selalu diberikan kemudahan..

      #edisi shooting sinetron mlai ganti episode

  4. Bakulo Wajaro on

    Yg pastinya ops khusus yg paling khusus itulah yg tdk pernah di publish di media he he he..ops tanpa identitas ..berhasil tak ada pujian hilang pun tak dicari dan tak pernah ada pengakuan secara resmi…klo terkuak bisa heboh dunia kemiliteran dan persilatan dunia ha ha
    Adios# yahh dinikmati dan disukuri saja bahwa NKRI msh ada dan tetap aman tdk spt belahan dunia lain..hi hi hi

      • sugie freedom on

        Kira2 apa bung pr snjta yg dbwah skelas kpal induk bs sopan hanya pda kri… mungkin kpl indukx mau berikn pesan intimidasi ke kita.

      • Hihihi…. Apa bisa diartikan jikalau raptor itu serang dan tenggelamkan KRI yg kawal cvn Reagan di ALKI, maka sejatinya itu kemenangan kecil samiri karena harus dibayar sangat mahal dgn ditenggelamkannyan cvn Reagan oleh KRI yg dibawah permukaan laut itu….

        #edisi belajar cerna mistery hiu nusantara… Xixixi

        • Q suka kata2 y bung PW, cvn vs hiu kencana…tggal nggu bocoran bung bw tu cvn dkwal brapa hiu sampai sopan bener trus hiu y jenis apa aj.mang cvn mau kmna sih kok bolak-balik.

      • Ssstt…….nggegiris..Bang Thoyib jangan ditanyain, nanti klo kangen dadah dadah saja dari jauh.
        CVN takut sama KRI sebiji..Mosooook…..bawa apa gotongan sama yg dibawah..sono.
        diescort sendirian loh..
        yakin yg didalem CVN keringat dingin…
        pergi apa tak kencingi lagi sampeyan.. apa malah minta disundul masuk gawang….wkwww

        *blink..too many hot spot to handle…..wkwkwkwk

  5. Hehehe….bisa aj bung@BW nie…
    Bung@PR bukan heboh lgi entr….
    Wah,bklan bnyak diem sambil mesem aj deh klu gtu ane….
    #hayo ap itu yg dibawah bung@PR….hehehe

  6. too many “hot and lock” di screen C3i ny CVN dan escort.. eh pas visual id malah KRI semi tua yg muncul 15mil sambil teriak “stay away from our teritorial water”,What ship.. What ship kata sang Komandan Pemberani.. klo ga di jawab ya full speed ahead and cut left hard bank..paling kesundul CVN..xixixi..

    wah klo HIU setau sy 401 lg docking supply dan 402 lg ronda di AlKI 1.

    • Nah yg polosan gmn ndan…
      Terus yg ngecat ndiri nomer lambungnya siapa..
      Terus yg no 401a, 401b…. dan kawankawannya ndak kehitung..

      Komandan pura pura lupa ingatan..

    • kurang baik apa indonesia, cvn lewat cuma dikawal 1 KRI 🙂 🙂 ,padahal 401 lagi docking. 402 lagi laut sulawesi mantau marawi.
      menurut berita f22 dan heli sempat terbang, emang boleh lewat rumah org trus terbangin layangan gitu y? untung g di ketapel

    • Haahahha..too..many..binguuuungkan…..mau dikencingin apa mau pake popok nya saja….wkwkwkwkw.
      saya guling guling ketawanya. didatangi tuan semi tua..ngibrit….inget cuma satu loh ya..sekali lagi satu…

      yang nyundul..hahahah BUng BW..aja lama lama rek, udah itu bungkus semua yg bongkok2 ..weheheh

  7. Pager Wojo on

    Ststtttt…. Sambil plirak plirik….clingak clinguk nggoleki bung Beny sembunyi di pojokan mana ya…….. Gimana bung? Masih harus secretcy ya itu paus2 bongkoknya…. Xixixixi

    Kang PR….. Lha kan raptor udah muncul itu ngawal cvn Reagan….. Kiranya itu ada sparring partner nya gak ya oleh burung mutant nusantara atao bisa pakai test case radar terbaru dimari…. Ehhh siapa tau bisa kena panah arjuna…. Hihihi

    Eniwei, Kang BW nangdi to ya…. Apa lagi slulub ato nyilem to Kang BW……. Kasih oleh2 wawasan dong Kang? Siapa tau masih ada yg suka pipis sembarangan yg bikin cvn samiri mogok lagi…. Hehehe

  8. pemburu rajawali on

    sparing raptor ya sukro 30Mxxx..
    heli yg CAP itu cari “Hiu” yg bikin panik dan evasive manuver task Group hehehe!!.

    @BW lg nego Hiu baru kaya ny nih!!

  9. Ane ngacung bung@PR mau tanya…hehehe
    1.klu regan dpet hadiah surprice berarti armada bandny mandul dong…?secara klu armada band gtu pas jalan pasti disebelah kanan kiri bnyak pengawalny,maklum artis kali y bung….hehehe
    2.seluruh armada pesawat tempur yg nangkring dipunggung si regan emng g bisa terbang y bung…?ampe minta bantuan raptor untuk awasi ruang udarany….
    3.hayo kemarin dicoling g to supir siluman kan udh masuk to dalam area tembak….hehe,,,segni dlu bung@PR ane tanyany….entr klu ad yg bingung ane tanya lagi ya…
    #balik mojok ah….

  10. hrsnya reagan itu hormati hukum laut kita tanpa ada CAP dan notif arah tujuannya.. klo si Raptor hehehe!! tinggal hitung aja Radius tempurnya dan titik Reagan pasti tau “rumahnya”.

    ya klo cilukba dg Armada AS sdh sering bung Beny kadang mrk jg suka Tes sistem Pernika bawah air kita yg “Old School but New”.

  11. Pager Wojo on

    # ikut bela sungkawa atas gugurnya ksatria2 nusantara dalam ihtiar bakti kpd rakyat Indonesia di pegunungan dieng. Smg mereka gugur khusnul khotimah dan syahid dalam tunaikan janji bakti. #

  12. Pager Wojo on

    Kang…. Kang PR…..
    Ehmm… Apa boleh nanya nich…. Kang BW memang lagi belanja lontong yang kayak apa to Kang???….. Kasih kisi – kisinya dong Kang…. Xixixixi

    #edisi : ngarep Kang BW bawa pulang kampung lontong – lontong anyar kualifikasi hunter – killer dimari….. Xixixi… Smtr yg shallow water biar pake PAL aja… Hehehe…..

  13. Maaf bung@PR bru sempt buka,hehehe….lho dah aktif to bung,kirain masih uji coba…
    Bung@KJM untk pertanyaan yg pling atas maaf y ane lupa kpan kejadianny yg pasti udh agak lama…hehehe
    #Demi ibu pertiwi jiwa raga dan nyawa kami siap sbagai ganti,kami tak butuh pujian karna ini merupakan kewajiban bgi kami yg tak perlu gelar pahlawan…NKRI harga mati…

  14. klo INDRA bawah air memang era soviet dan skrg sdh di tandem dg yg baru dari Skandinavia. yg Sepuh jg sdh di Buat tambah Gagah dg tambahan “NET” di 8 pintu. jd mau SSGN-SSBN pun bakal “bunyi” di mako SBY dan xxxU..hehehe!!

    loh lontongkan Nambah lagi bung!! blm termasuk Pantsir M..moga2 tdk di tikung lg ky 2009 xixixi!!

    • Pager Wojo on

      Kang PR
      Itu old case 2009 yg ditikung tsbt kmd di-trade off dgn produk yang mana ya Kang???
      Kebutuhan ciws unt alutsista laut sangat urgent sptnya…… Kalo gak dapet pantsir – m… Ya gapapalah dapat banyak yg kashtan new production….
      Sptnya menganut prinsip Old casing but New inside parts unt pengadaan alutsista.

  15. Pesawat yg lg latihan di Makassar mantap.. mohon izin info para sesepuh nih… sepertinya pesawat baru nih

  16. Asslam. Wr. Wb. Bung Pemburu Rajawali dan Bung Pager Wojo salam kenal…
    Saya pernah dengar dari seseorang tentang Detasemen Harimau (Den Harin).
    Kabarnya detasemen ini tidak akan bisa kita temukan dalam struktur Patsus TNI kita.

    Bicara kemampuan mereka diatas patsus TNI lainnya, bukan hanya ilmu yang bersifat Jasmani tapi yang bersifat Kanuraganpun (ilmu dari kitab suci) mereka kuasai. Kebetulan saya pernah berjumpa dengan Beliau dan memaparkan apa itu Detasemen Harimau termasuk kejadian Bencana Tsunami yang sebenarnya. Makanya ketika saya pancing tentang ilmu agama, jangankan syariat, sifat 20 ….sampai ma’rifatpun Beliau kuasai. Pernah salah satu kawan saya menjadi saksi mata dia duel dengan 8 orang yang kesemuanya tumbang dibuatnya. Dengan tetap memegang kerahasian Beliau, walau perperawakan kayak tukang kebun, tapi akses komunikasi pernah Beliau buktikan bisa online dengan Pangab.

    Menurut Beliau detasemen ini sempat di non aktifkan, Namun pascah meningkatnya LCS dan issu Bangkitnya PKI detasemen ini kita kembali diaktifkan. mohon dibabar ya Bung …

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